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Samuele Miccoli Studio

“Art has no boundaries,” the motto that summarizes the life of Samuele Miccoli, a multifaceted

Trained at Cinema University in Rome, he has always been attracted to creating images in the broadest sense of the term, making the deliberate choice to exhibit the diversity of his practice – from hair design, make-up, photography and painting – in a show full of surprises. After a 20-year career in the movie industry, he has spent the last 3 years in Vancouver, Canada, taking care of the image of various international artists.

This is his first fashion-centred photographic exhibition dedicated to Vancouver, a fascinating city steeped in history and art, illustrated through a kaleidoscope of images that tell of its past and present, thanks to multiethnic pioneers who contributed to its development as we know it today. Pieced together throughout the pandemic with nothing but a Canon A 05, this exhibition is created as a tribute to this city that has become a second home, rich in opportunity, innovation, openness, and respect for all diversity.




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